Good event signage at your meeting or event is crucial to attract attention, guide your guests, while shaping their impressions about the event. Without clear and concise signage directing your attendees, your event could easily descend into chaos.

The most common signage mistake event organisers make is devoting 90 per cent of their attention on the image. Signage is less about trendy imagery than supporting the needs and interests of your guests by providing practical visual elements and tools.

To help, here are five event signage ideas to improve your attendee experience.

1. Get your delegates to the front door first

Entrance and parking signs are critical for making sure attendees park and enter the building at the right place. You don’t want your delegates to arrive grumpy because they got lost or ended up parking blocks away! Good signage practice begins at the first place your guests approaches your venue.

2. Make sure your event signs stand out

Create branded signs that stand apart from the venue signage. People tend to walk right past house signage. So, make sure your brand or logo grabs their attention by being displayed clearly. Consistent branding not only reinforces your identity, but also helps to establish feelings of trust, authority, and security with your guests.

3. Work from a site map

Plan your sign layout by first establishing a site map. Then put yourself in your attendee’s shoes. How will they find the entrance? The registration desk? Toilets? Refreshments? Information? Electronic charging stations? Then, when you set up your site, walk through to check if the signage stands out.

4. Include digital event signage

Digital event signage uses technologies such as LCD, LED, projection, and e-paper to display digital images, video, web pages, or text. True, you can save a few dollars by just using paper posters and banners, but digital screen signage looks far more impressive. In one survey, a whopping 63 per cent of people indicated that a message shown on a digital screen captures their attention.

5. Remember safety

Crowds can be unpredictable, so safety is crucial at any large gathering. Proper safety signage does much to help attendees, officials and emergency personnel react promptly and appropriately. Safety signs should be bold and strategically placed. You should also consult industry body safety regulations to make sure your signs are compliant.


Good signage can dramatically improve the impact and success of your event. It starts by helping your guests find their way to your venue, and includes making sure your signs stand out, working from your site map, including digital signage is practical, and remembering to keep safety first.




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