Organising an event can take months of hard work. After months of planning, it’s easy to overlook things. A critical time is just before setup, when the client’s team walks into the venue to get to work. This moment sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Here are six essentials to add to your checklist to get things off to a good start.

1. Carts and trolleys

Clients will first want to unpack their event supplies from their vehicle. As they haul in a load of heavy boxes, what is the first thing they will be looking for?

The answer: Carts and trolleys. Having these available when they enter the venue will get things off to a great start.

2. Registration tables

Getting registration setup usually comes next. So, all of the registration kit needs to be in place before the client arrives. This usually includes tables, chairs, power, and skirting. Organising name tags and check-in materials can take up much time, so don’t keep your client waiting.

3. Tables and linen

Setting up tables and chairs can be really time-consuming. If your client sees workers scrambling to set up tables and chairs, they can get stressed. So, ensure your operations team has all of the furniture in place, so the client can focus on other matters.

4. Venue signage

Vendors like florists and DJ’s need to know where to go. When you update your venue signage at the earliest time possible, you save everyone needless hassle and ease the setup process.

5. Site walk-through

A critical step to add to your checklist is conducting a site walk-through with your client. Take a walk-through of the physical space ensures there are no unpleasant surprises at opening time.

6. Being contactable

Introduce the key members of your team to your client. Include the catering manager, banquet captain, operations supervisor, and audio/visual coordinator.

Your client may have questions or special requests they can satisfy. And don’t forget to distribute your mobile phone number to the client and your team.


Things can easily get overlooked at the last minute. Six essentials to add to your event checklist include carts and trolleys, registration tables, tables and linen, venue signage, a site walk-through, and being readily contactable.



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