Event app technology is rapidly evolving and new and better event apps are appearing faster than ever. Event apps enhance the event experience, allowing attendees to make better use of their time and money.

Here are some of the latest trends shaping the event app landscape.

1. Keep it interactive

A key requirement for modern events is to engage attendees in real time. The better event apps now use live polling and anonymous voting to engage attendees and get real time feedback.

Apps that include interactive floor plans are also popular, especially at large scale events drawing thousands of people. Other apps now include chat bots now keep attendees engaged without tying up event staff.

The more popular apps seamlessly integrate Q&A connection, avoiding the burden of having microphone runners and enabling attendees to remain anonymous.

2. Networking features

One of the main reasons people attend events is to connect or network with other like-minded people.

Event apps that match people’s interests, proximity, objectives or industry background and allow them to meet up have a head start on the competition.

3. Integrated messaging

Despite the plethora of messaging apps, there is a growing trend for event apps to integrate messaging, push notifications of agenda items and changes, and voice search right in the app.

This contributes to a seamless event experience and keeps attendees focussed on the event. Some apps even allow users who are not present to stream the event live right to their device.

4. Games

A growing number of event apps include game features right in the app. These include reward points for visiting sponsor booths, treasure hunts that use maps, clues, teamwork and live streaming, trivia games, quizzes based on speaker presentations, leader boards and awards for event competitions, and more.

How can event organisers find the best app to suit their needs?

Start by doing research online. Googling “event apps” or “event app reviews” will lead to a host of event sites that offer reviews and opinions.

Keep you eyes open at event you attend and ask the organizers about their experience. Many professionals are happy to talk about how they tracked down and implemented their event app solution.

Happily, event apps are becoming more vertically integrated with major app providers, and key app features are coming into widespread use.

These strategies will help you to home in just the right event app for you.


The best event apps include features that allow attendees to engage with the event in real time, network more easily with like-minded attendees, communicate seamlessly with the event app, and have a more enjoyable event experience by sharing in games and competitions.