Here are some of the proven techniques, drawn from a range of sources, to ensure a successful training session.

Tell trainees what you’re going to cover and introduce your session with a brief overview of the training subject’s main points.

  1. Tell them all they need to know for the session, the key points, policies and demonstrate procedures.
  2. Tell them again what you have already told them. Conclude with a summary of your opening remarks, using repetition to imprint your message.
  3. Always explain what the trainees are going to see before you show a multi-media message, it ensures a more effective reception.
  4. Use a hands-on training method where possible. Use all the senses.
  5. Test frequently, as tests ensure the students pay close attention to the material. But always let them know upfront that they will be quizzed.
  6. Involve the trainees in the sessions, ask them to share their experiences and especially draw out the experienced personnel to share their knowledge and lessons learned.
  7. Repeat questions before answering them, a practice that makes sure all participants know what the questions are so that can make sense of the answers.
  8. Analyse the session as it goes along. Make a note of those methods that work especially well.
  9. Keep the session on track by starting on time and finishing on time. While opening up discussion may lead to some good ideas, it’s important not to lose the thread of the lesson’s subject.
  10. Put yourself in the students’ shoes by providing frequent breaks, especially for all-day sessions.
  11. Solicit feedback on the session. Assessments are often best when written and anonymous. This contribution is essential in making future sessions more effective.
  12. Finally, avoid making it too dull even if the subject seems dull. Insert some fun moments to break up the more tedious stuff, and a sense of humour always helps. Encourage participation, and always respect your students’ shyness and vulnerability. Remember, one of the key objectives of any training session is to build self-esteem and confidence.


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